Realty Blogging : The Book

Unleash the power of blogging in your real estate business

Realty Blogging is a book written for real estate agents. It shows how to utilize the direct-communication and marketing power of a blog to capture the interest of homeowners, buyers and sellers.

Drawing upon their extensive experience in blogging, real estate, and online marketing, authors Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney reveal how to:

On a personal note, I would like to thank the authors for their references to the blog you are now reading.

From the Back Cover

“Nacht and Chaney are the first ones to specifically address the huge potential blogging holds for real estate professionals. The authors go beyond the hype and explain in detail the tangible benefits of real-estate industry blogging when used as a strategic marketing medium.”

Source: Realty Blogging.

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Building American Cities

Book Review: The Urban Real Estate Game

This is a volatile story of social conflict that rends the very fabric of American society, but in the end gives shape to our urban centers. This second edition is the startling story of how American cities emerge, grow, change, contract, decay, and become resuscitated. With keen insight, the authors analyze urban social processes, such as migration to suburbia and the effect of foreign capital investment on U.S. real estate ventures.

Examining patterns in the location, development, financing, and construction decisions of small and large corporations, the book looks at the interplay of industrial and development corporations with various levels of government. In addition to political aspects, it reflects on the social costs of unbridled urban growth and decline, pollution, wasted energy, congestion, and the negative impact on minorities.

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