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PropertyGuys joins Realtysellers

New Canadian Real Estate Powerhouse Created

PropertyGuys.com Inc. and Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. announced today they have teamed up to bring dramatic changes to Canada`s residential real estate market by together offering unprecedented choice and innovation to consumers. This combination instantly creates one of Canada’s largest real estate enterprises providing thousands of consumers with services to help them buy and sell their homes.

“Canadians are set against paying billions of dollars annually in high commissions to traditional real estate companies. By partnering together, PropertyGuys.com and Realtysellers will be uniquely positioned to deliver the broadest range of professional services at a more reasonable cost. This is a real game changer for how the industry will operate from now on and a huge win for consumers,” said Lawrence Dale, President and CEO of Realtysellers.

The strong duo of PropertyGuys.com, the country`s largest private sale franchise network servicing thousands of home sellers annually, and Dale’s Realtysellers, the leading innovative real estate brokerage group in Canada, ensures that the new partnership has the size, sophistication and financial muscle to fundamentally change how Canadians buy or sell a home.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Realtysellers to bring more Canadians better tools to effectively sell their home,” said Ken LeBlanc, President and CEO of PropertyGuys.com. “This partnership is possible because of recent industry changes that Lawrence pursued for years. Together we can now satisfy the underserved consumer demand for innovation, change and lower fees. This new union will give our current and future customers access to brokerage services that were previously off limits.”

For over a decade, Dale has been a crusader of consumer choice in the real estate industry, challenging the industry`s restrictive practices on innovation. Dale’s persistence resulted in the Competition Bureau’s formal intervention that will finally eliminate the alleged unlawful anti- competitive practices for good. The changes now allow real estate brokers to charge a flat fee for individual services, such as a simple mere posting of a property for sale on REALTOR.ca. The Competition Bureau is continuing with its efforts to force additional changes to the industry to eliminate restrictions on how property information can be delivered to customers.

“The Competition Bureau’s actions pave the way for PropertyGuys.com and Realtysellers to come together,” Dale added. “This is the type of deal that consumers want and traditional agents fear. We’re excited to build a real estate powerhouse with PropertyGuys.com to give Canadians a better and more cost effective way to buy and sell their homes.”

PropertyGuys.com and Realtysellers share a common goal of breaking with the practices of traditional high fee real estate agents by providing an innovative, technologically advanced and cost competitive choice for Canadians. PropertyGuys.com and Realtysellers will operate as partners under their own brands, pooling their resources and services for consumers.

“Real innovation in this archaic and outdated industry is long overdue,” said Walter Melanson, Director of Partnerships at PropertyGuys.com. “This partnership will put home buyers and sellers in the driver’s seat by creating a new range of services and fee options that will let them keep more of their hard earned investment.”

Initially Realtysellers will manage and provide the brokerage services for the PropertyGuys.com Mere Posting Program and streamline how PropertyGuys.com customers place their property posting on REALTOR.ca. Going forward, the partnership will have a unique platform for offering a comprehensive suite of low cost and integrated brokerage and non-brokerage services and options to consumers.

While financial terms of the arrangement remained confidential, Leblanc and Dale did confirm that Dale’s group, which includes Toronto businessman Mark Litwin, has become part of the ownership group of PropertyGuys.com and that Dale has become a Director of PropertyGuys.com.

About PropertyGuys.com

PropertyGuys.com is Canada’s largest and fastest growing private sale franchise network. It has 106 locally-owned franchise locations to assist home buyers in more than 600 communities across Canada and helps tens of thousands of Canadians each year.

About Realtysellers Real Estate Inc.

Realtysellers is Canada’s most innovative real estate brokerage group. Realtysellers offers innovative programs to help consumers make buying and selling a home a positive and financially rewarding experience. Realtysellers is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

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I appreciate your post, it is interesting and compelling. Thank you for your share. It is good.

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This seems like a great alternative to all MLS , however , please remember of all the regulations .

Posted by: connie | Feb 20, 2012 11:24:52 PM

Sounds like this is going to be a dominating company.

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