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MLS changes benefit all publics

The Canadian Real Estate Association has wisely avoided adding chaos to uncertainty as the real estate market hits the doldrums. Faced with either opening up its Multiple Listing Service or having a long and messy fight with the federal Competition Bureau, CREA chose the safe route.

The main concern of the Competition Bureau was that the MLS was too restrictive, and now the public will have more access to the service. Though the system will continue to be restricted to use by licenced realtors, the public will be able to hire a realtor to simply post a private sale.

This is a good settlement and seems to be satisfactory to Melanie Aitken, the Commissioner of Competition. And it ought to be satisfactory to realtors all over Canada. Realtors work hard and serve Canadians well in executing what is one of the most important financial transactions a person can do.

While it is a no-brainer for most of us to use a realtor, there are some who for various reasons don't want to. Often it's about money, wanting to save on fees. Others are confident they can do the same work as well and don't believe they need a realtor.

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