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List on Toronto MLS for Free

Lawrence Dale and Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. enter real estate brokerage market with Free on MLS offer

For almost a decade, Toronto lawyer and businessman Lawrence Dale has been embroiled in a struggle to bring innovative and affordable real estate agency and marketing services to homeowners. After years of persistence, Mr. Dale finally persuaded the Competition Bureau to take action which resulted in a Consent Agreement being filed with the Competition Tribunal earlier this week.

With the industry finally open for business for lower cost innovative models, Mr. Dale is re-entering the real estate marketplace as founder of Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. is a licensed real estate brokerage in the Province of Ontario and is a member in good standing of the Toronto Real Estate Board.

Mr. Dale has assembled an experienced team for his new venture including a new investment group from his previous real estate ventures which have included the purchase of SkyDome in 1999, Realtysellers (Ontario) Limited which was forced out of business by industry restrictions in 2006/2007 (which is unrelated to Realtysellers Real Estate Inc.) and his involvement in the purchase of an 80% interest in Chestnut Park Real Estate in 2007.

Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. will initially be offering programs for sellers and buyers in the Greater Toronto Area.

For the first time ever in Canada, Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. will list a seller's property on the Multiple Listing System (MLS) for free. "If the seller does not want any additional services other than to list on the MLS, we will do it for free" Mr. Dale stated. "If a sellers wants our professional assistance throughout the process, we do provide a more traditional service for the low fee of 0.5%".

Buyer's will receive a buyer's bonus equal to up to 75% of the fee received. "If we receive a fee of $50,000, our buyer would be sent a cheque for $37,500 the day we receive our fee." Dale stated.

Dale commented that his new venture is a work in progress. "We are committed to providing real estate consumers with the services they want at exceptional value. The programs that we will offer will continue to develop over time to fulfill the ever changing consumer objectives. We are committed to be at the forefront of innovative real estate brokerage".

About Realtysellers Real Estate Inc.

Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. is a licensed real estate brokerage in the Province of Ontario and member in good standing with the Toronto Real Estate and Canadian Real Estate Association. Realtysellers Real Estate Inc. takes advantage of developments in technology and its team's experience in the industry to make the process of buying and selling a home a better and more cost effective experience. Services include a free on MLS posting program for sellers who do not want any other services to programs that offer complete assistance for buyers and sellers looking for help throughout the entire process but who are also wanting to receive better value.

See the Realtysellers website located at realtysellers.ca

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Sold my home with Realtysellers in 33 days!

Posted by: Elizabeth | Jan 8, 2011 11:25:09 PM

I have used Realtysellers and I have to say their service is absolutely terrible and unprofessional. This is probably the second agent I have worked with that became absolutely enraged and irrational, and I have met hundreds of agents (as I often prefer to deal directly with the listing agent). STAY AWAY. I am a firm believer in owners being able to sell privately in a competitive environment. I sold my house privately for over the highest Realtor appraised price during the recent depression. I am also a firm believer in lower Realtor fees and more competition amongst Realtors and their services, but these people are a bunch of clowns.

There are many buyers agents that will work (very well too, I might add.) with a lesser fee. There are other agencies that do list free as well.

Posted by: Angry Customer | Nov 29, 2010 11:00:54 AM

Hey WK,

You trying to convince us or yourself?

Can't un-ring a bell friend.

You'd best get out there and hustle to get a couple of deals, before everyone knows, instead of wasting time on blogs.


Posted by: Tomas | Oct 31, 2010 11:01:52 PM

Realtysellers is just another "pear tree" this model is for part time and low end Realtors. This happened in the states years ago and the average commissions is still above 6.2%

Posted by: wk | Oct 31, 2010 5:16:12 PM

This puts a smile on many a face.

Posted by: Homeowner | Oct 31, 2010 4:15:03 PM

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