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Canada's Bank Mortgage Purchases

At a news conference in Toronto yesterday, Canada's Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty said the government will buy up to an additional $50 billion in insured mortgages by the end of the fiscal year. That will bring to $75 billion the total amount of money available under the program, announced last month. The aim of the program is to encourage lending by taking mortgages off banks' books in exchange for cash.

What is mortgage loan insurance?

Mortgage loan insurance protects lenders against mortgage default. It is usually required when homebuyers make a down payment of less than 20 per cent. To get the insurance, lenders pay an insurance premium, which they typically pass on to the buyers.

Premiums go up on an escalating scale from 0.50 per cent of the loan amount to as much as 2.9 per cent depending on the amount of down payment.

What is the purpose of the latest mortgage purchases?

"What it comes down to is getting the mortgages off the portfolios of the lenders and giving them cash, increasing their ability to loan by improving their risk-weighted capital ratios since cash is less risky than a mortgage," said Tsur Somerville, who holds the real estate foundation professorship in real estate finance at the University of British Columbia.

Doesn't this expose taxpayers to more risk?

In one sense, it does, Somerville said. "Mortgage defaults will rise with the downturn in the economy and from drops in housing prices."

But he said there is no overall increase in absolute risk because "these are all mortgages that are insured under the National Housing Act, so the mortgages all carry insurance either from CMHC or one of the two private providers. If the insurers are unable to cover the value of the mortgage and missed interest resulting from default, the government already provides a 100 per cent guarantee for CMHC insured mortgages. Basically, if there are a lot of defaults, the government already has to cover those costs if the insurers cannot, so we already have the risk."

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I guess that shit hit the fan.

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