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The Benefits of Building Green

As consumers continue to learn more and more about green building, architects, designers and builders are starting to incorporate more green features into their new homes. As technology and products continue to emerge, consumers can build their dream home without sacrificing aesthetics.

Even though everyone in the home building industry is buzzing about the term 'green' building, many consumers are still confused as to exactly what it means to build a green home. building a green home is good for your family's health, your budget and the environment. Here are some of the benefits to building green -- a healthier home, cost-efficient home and environmentally friendly home.

A Healthier Home

A Cost-Efficient Home

An Environmentally Friendly Home

Source: Green Building Council.

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San Diego and the entire soutwest U.S. is the ideal environment for going green with solar electricity. The sunshine is dependable with very little cloud cover, and there are sustantial tax incentives in place to improve affordability of the installations. Add the fact that the price of solar cells has dropped from about $4 per cell to close to $2 per cell, and the time has never been better for solar installations. People should take advantage of the opportunity now while there is a lull in new construction. When construction picks up, the demand for solar cells will increase, pulling up the price per cell.
Thanks for your post!

Posted by: Geoff In La Jolla | May 20, 2009 2:40:06 PM

Do you know of any good publications on green building projects?

Posted by: Ross Crum | Dec 11, 2008 11:08:44 AM

Do yo know of any 'good' publications that I can get to show green building or green projects that can be done to improve a home?

Posted by: Ross Crum | Dec 11, 2008 11:06:59 AM

I think that home owners should also look for ways to make their current homes more energy efficient with out spending money and wasting the resources that they already have in their houses. It doesn't help the environment if we throw our appliances away prematurely. Instead we need to just make sure that next time we buy a product, see how it is made, how it can be disposed of (recycled), and see how efficient it is. Small task like unplugging electronics and cutting off lights is a great start.

Posted by: Lee Keadle | Oct 29, 2008 10:46:23 AM

The thing is that by saving energy, saving costs, "building green" as you said, you can not only help yourself but also your enviroment. As a Toronto real estate agent I think that this kind of energy saving attitude has to be spread amongs the public. If people are willing to invest into energy saving techniques it will make a difference. Not only will they proffit in the long run, but the nature will be helped too.

Posted by: Toronto real estate agent | Jul 6, 2008 6:05:54 AM

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