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Bringing neighbourhood options home

Toronto real estate website helps home buyers fit into a booming housing market

Arecently relaunched website, Realosophy.com helps Toronto consumers understand their home buying options in a hot real estate market. The expanded website now offers Toronto and GTA neighbourhood profiles featuring at-a-glance school performance reports and an insider's guide to the home buying process. Realosophy.com is a free information service that does not require users to submit email addresses or other personal information. "Toronto home buyers are feeling anxious about fitting into a booming real estate market," explains Realosophy's founder, John Pasalis. "Buyers are increasingly diverse. They want their homes to fit their particular lifestyles. But media reports about sky-rocketing prices and fake multiple offers leave them wondering how to make this happen."

Realosophy.com helps empower consumers with the following resources:

1) Toronto and GTA Neighbourhood Profiler

The profiler combines popular online tools such as Google Maps with housing and school data in an easy-to-use neighbourhood search format. It offers profiles for over 175 neighbourhoods including lesser-known options. Each profile highlights average area prices as well as dominant housing types, allowing users to quickly assess affordability and lifestyle suitability. The profiler also offers consumers a unique look at schooling options. Over 1,700 public and private schools are mapped by neighbourhood. Provincial school data is presented at-a-glance to illustrate the performance of local public schools. Realosophy understands that not all consumers measure neighbourhoods with the same yardstick. The profiler's 'deal breaker' feature brings the all-important morning coffee run to life as Starbucks and Tim Hortons locations are mapped by neighbourhood.

2) The HomeBuyers Guide

The HomeBuyers Guide is a pro-consumer look at home buying in Toronto. Using a step-by-step, jargon-free approach, the guide provides consumers with insider tips on handling major worries from choosing the right real estate agent to picking out a fake multiple offer.

For background information, including Realosophy's story, team bios, screenshots and fun facts, visit: www.realosophy.com/press.

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I agree, amazing site! With more people buying real estate in Toronto, it's important to remember that you can purchase term life insurance instead of mortgage insurance from the bank. Term life is generally more affordable, as well as having the benefit of being able to name the beneficiary of the policy. Take some time, and compare prices, you can save yourself money!

Posted by: Carin | Sep 19, 2007 2:52:50 PM

Wow, what a great site! It is too bad the terms of use are so (hypocritically) net unfriendly, and some strange interface choices (why clicking rather than a form button / return for searches?), but otherwise very very good. I hope they keep up and grow (especially to be more shared content friendly, which will be a win win).

What ever happened to that "other" real estate site, that provided background info on Toronto properties using the MLS database? Shut down because it was too good?

Basically, the situation will only be really good when you have realosophy combined with http://www.housingmaps.com/ combined with a "shopping cart" based on MLS data.

Posted by: davidm | Sep 18, 2007 11:38:00 AM

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