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Stinson's dreams are tumbling down

Harried Times

Originally planned to reach 81 storeys on a site on Toronto's Temperance Street, the Sapphire Tower was to have two connected cylinders covered with blue glass, capped with a globe that would minimize building sway in the wind. The 1,000-unit project was to feature studio and one-bedroom units in the lower levels, two-bedroom units in the higher levels and some full-floor suites.

The project was later redesigned and reduced to 62 storeys. Amenities were to include a private hotel, spa, 24-hour grocery store, dry cleaning service, daycare and valet parking.

In December 2006, the Ontario Securities Commission alleged Stinson broke securities laws by selling units without issuing a prospectus, and Stinson agreed to pay a fine.

The construction start date had been set for 2005, but the project has never broken ground.

Harry Stinson's Sapphire Tower Development Corp. entered bankruptcy protection on July 20. Beleaguered developer has been granted protection for his shimmering, elusive Sapphire condo project

Not so long ago, Harry Stinson's dreamscape floated high above his condo-hotel at 1 King West, soaring to 81 storeys of shimmering blue glass that would arise from a parking lot at 66 Temperance Street.

As Stinson imagined the Sapphire Tower, there would be a sky-lit infinity pool, glass-walled shuttle elevators, circular apartments with two-sided "Citizen Kane" fireplaces, and a "Sky Spa," which even on the cloudiest days would never be gloomy.

There are no blue skies for Harry Stinson these days »

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