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How to decode real estate ads

The most over-used expressions and what they really mean

Reading the real estate descriptions can be like reading in a foreign language, or worse, overzealous words in real estate advertising can make even a snake pit look attractive. Don't panic. We decode some of the language and abbreviations to put you well on the way to buying the home of your dreams:

The most misleading words in real estate (and what they really mean)

1. Cozy (too small)

2. Charming (too old)

3. Original Condition (appliances are 50 years old)

4. Needs TLC (it's a dump)

5. Conveniently located (noisy)

6. Desirable neighborhood (this little house has been way over-priced because the neighborhood has some snob appeal)

7. Efficient kitchen (too small to fit two adults)

8. One car garage (you can drive your Chevy in but can't get out)

9. Peek at the park/river/mountains (if you angle your mirror just so … )

10. Useable land (no trees)

11. Country Living (too far from anywhere to drive to work)

12. Must see inside (outside is ugly)

13. Unique (hard to sell)

14. Just available (previous owner just died on the premises, hope you don't mind).

Here's what's important if you want your house to sell: Compare your home to similar sized in your neighborhood. Compare them online and in your local newspaper. Also, be sure to know the median price in your neighborhood and price in the 'market zone'.

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LOL at "unique", so true.

Posted by: Athol Kay | Aug 11, 2007 6:36:50 PM

Thanks for making me laugh, great list!

Posted by: Albuquerque realtor | Aug 11, 2007 5:06:34 PM

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