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Small has its advantages

The dream home, for most people, is big - or at least bigger than the one they're in now. But Andy Thompson, a 36-year-old Toronto architect, doesn't think about houses the way most people do. He likes small - really small. The home he designed for himself, his wife and two kids is only 270 square feet, or 350 square feet if you count the loft. This is small by choice, his contribution to a growing movement that counters the aesthetic of big, which is dominating the suburbs and the average person's dreams.

It's cool to be small. In the United States, the Small House Society is championing the value of simple and sustainable housing. In Europe, a German professor has created a high-gloss micro-compact home, only 76 square feet. On the Web, the Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest has just handed out prizes to winners for the third year running.

For some, it's a question of money, especially in Toronto, where a 360-square-foot studio on the waterfront could set you back more than $140,000. For Mr. Thompson, it's also a lifestyle choice. Living small means you can be in a prime location without facing the drudgery of a commute or a big house to clean. It frees up time and money to go out for dinner and socialize, instead of staying home in front of the television.

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If small is cool, then I was super cool in college. I can understand not have huge houses, but 270 square feet? I think most families of 4 could get away with about 1000 square feet and live quite comfortably. No need for 3000 square feet in the suburbs.

Posted by: toronto real estate | Jul 4, 2007 4:19:15 PM

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