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Agents urged to 'Sell with Soul'

'Sell with Soul' offers real estaste agents an alternative to traditional models of success.

Real estate agent Jennifer Allan’s new book, Sell with Soul, the New Agent’s Guide to an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate may put some experienced real estate brokers in a bad mood. Sell with Soul is a survival guide for first-year agents that challenges some of the most dearly held beliefs of traditional real estate sales theory. Cold-calling and memorized scripts are “Old School” while lunch dates and competency are “soulful.” Allan advises new agents to work free for a period of time to learn their craft, and afterwards, happily discount their commission for friends and repeat customers. She counsels against arrogance and encourages competence. She asks agents to respect their clients and prospects and to play by the Golden Rule in their real estate career.

There will likely be a cry of outrage from the real estate community at some of Jennifer’s assertions. Within the 60+ personal stories and anecdotes from her 10 year career, experienced real estate brokers may find that actions and behaviors they consider crucial to the success of their business are the very things Allan calls greedy, arrogant and self-serving.

In writing Sell with Soul, Allan did not set out to enrage the real estate community. Her goal is to help new agents survive their first year in a profession in which an estimated 80% of new licensees fail. The 190-page book contains numerous strategies and tips that will save the new agent a tremendous amount of time and money figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

But if Sell with Soul also serves as a call-to-action for the real estate community, so much the better, says Allan. "I wanted to present a fresh way of selling real estate that doesn’t involve aggressive prospecting, hard-core closing or generally pestering strangers for their business. It just isn’t necessary... and there is a better way."

For more information on the Sell with Soul philosophy, visit www.sellwithsoul.com.

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We are agents in the Atlanta Real Estate area, and we are researching blogs to find the right type of blog for our team. This is a very nice blog with tons of information. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Atlanta Real Estate | Jul 18, 2007 9:45:14 AM

This book looks excellent. Thanks for the heads up. I'm ordering a copy today.

Posted by: Norm Fisher | Dec 30, 2006 3:42:41 PM

Hi Fraser, thank you for posting this on your blog. It is great to see someone committed to being about heart & soul with real estate and working postiively for our Realtor and Real Estate Industry.

Great blog site also.


Posted by: Kelly Young | Dec 30, 2006 1:27:28 PM

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